Blog: The Hazards of Being an Animal Communicator

    I was taking my daily walk the other day and a young lady passed by smiling and said, ‘I do that too!’

    Nuts! Was I talking aloud? Again? I’m sure she was referring to talking to one’s self, which I wasn’t but she wouldn’t know that. I was talking to Ammulett who had joined me on my walk. But the woman wouldn’t have known that either because Ammulett had passed over a year ago. I sometimes get ‘caught’ talking to others also, birds, squirrels, rabbits, cats and so on, which can lead to odd looks and the ever popular wide-berth passing on the sidewalk. (Wow! What’s up with her…Don’t want to get too close…) Being that I’m easily distracted by Mother Earth and her children I sometimes have problems appearing….you know…sane. It’s a matter of perspective really, what seems quite regular to me may not to someone else. But isn’t that true of everyone?

    You would think talking with animals would be all roses, wouldn’t you? It is a blessing of course, yet there are a few missteps along the way.

    I get calls at all hours to see if I can find lost animals. Apparently three in the morning is a good time to find me home. A little disoriented, but home.

    I have had an issue or two when I have had the pleasure of babysitting someone else’s companion. As when my sister dropped off her lovely little puppy, Sinbad, at just 9 weeks old. He was just starting to get the hang of potty training. I sort of undid that. No, it wasn’t because I wasn’t paying attention. I unknowingly did not wait for physical cues like waiting at the door, the telltale squat, and ringing of the bell that hangs on the doorknob. Sinbad said he had to pee so we went outside. He was a perfect little houseguest by the way. Very thoughtful.  But when he went back home he was confused that his mom couldn’t hear him the way I could so there were numerous poops and pees in the house which led to a phone call and me having to explain why baby went backwards in housebreaking. For a brief time, I wasn’t the ‘popular’ sister.

    When I re-homed Vision and Echo I received the same type of phone call. Herb and June asked how the girls told me they had to potty because the new guardians just weren’t able to see the signs. That sort of let the cat out of the bag and I had to confess to being a communicator. Their reaction was surprisingly refreshing.

    “Well, could you tell them to scratch the door instead of talking to us?”

    That was an easy fix. Most animals do realize after many attempts that some humans cannot hear the words, but get the message other ways and adjust. They always know who can hear them though.

    Several years ago I was at the Westminster to see one of Vision’s sons in the ring. As we strolled down the aisle every dog we went by had to stop and say ‘hi’ with a little nose kiss, a soft touch to my leg or hand, on their way to wherever. Even my sister noticed they seemed to know I was a ‘talker’ and remarked how every dog seemed to want to acknowledge it in some way.

    Sometimes they just want me to tell the guardian something. I’ll be at a barbeque and they will just start asking me things to tell their person, like ‘I would really like one of those hamburgers,’ or ‘tell them I don’t have to be in the crate when she leaves.’ These are all simple requests but I then have to turn the conversation in a way that would allow me to fill the request. A person just can’t be supposedly listening to a human conversation concerning bathroom tile and blurt out, ‘He hates the neighbor!’ like I’m possessed or something. I would have my beverage taken away.

    I do love to let people know that their companion has a life as rich and complicated as their own though. That is my favorite thing. To show, through the animals they love, that we are all one family really, we each are an important piece of the Sacred Circle with no one below or above any other member.

    We all see a beautiful sunset differently, but we all see it.

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