Blog: Spring!

    What will this season bring you? Accept for an occasional misstep, winter is a long way off and it’s time to decide what intention we want to set for ourselves and our animal friends.

    On the first day of spring I like to put out my prayer ties, little bright colored bundles filled with tobacco that hold my prayers and dance in the wind to remind me of what direction I chose to go this year. (I usually need reminding at some point when I focus on mundane duties of everyday life.) This is the way I celebrate spring, but it is certainly not the only way. Some choose to garden, some mark the season by landscaping or painting to echo that new beginning and some take a more traditional approach by firing up the grill.

    However we decide to celebrate spring it is the season that gives our hearts and energy a kick start from the quietness of winter. It is the rebirth of ourselves and others played out every year and it is a good time to make any changes that feel right, a good time to decide what we want to bring into this new season. Take a moment and chose what things need to go, both physical and emotional, so that you can grow anew. Is this the year you move? Is this the year you will spend more quality time with your animal companion?  Maybe it’s time to start something new that you and your furry friend can discover together; agility or Frisbee perhaps? Or does it feel right to add to your family?

    It could be time to let go of a few things as well. Winter was hard, but now it’s done. Leave it go. We have had losses during the snows, but maybe now we can look back and see the joy of what we once held rather than what we miss. Try and see events in a new light.

    Spring is the promise of what is to come and all the possibilities we could not see in the winter months, laying dormant under the snow. It is time to march ahead with that characteristic ‘spring ‘ in our steps and hope in our heart.

    And, if you cannot find a way to welcome spring just walk around smiling at everyone. That works too.

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