Blog: In The Light of the Full Moon

    When my house was filled with dogs, we would make a date when the full moon came, to rendezvous outside in the middle of the night for a little while and watch the show. There is just something about standing under the moon in her almost perfect glory that is mesmerizing…plus I  loved watching my girl Echo bark at it. She did it with such enthusiasm. Yes, perhaps we bothered the neighbors a bit, being that it was the middle of the night, but then again maybe they shouldn’t be so tightly wound.

    She didn’t get it from her mom, Ammulett. Ammulett liked to sit outside when it the moon came full but she didn’t give it the complete, no-hold- barred, what do you think you’re doing up there? attention that her daughter did. Echo would run a few yards, then look up to see if the moon was following her and when she discovered it was she would give it a bear-bounce and scold the light with several serious barks, then she would move a few more feet, discover it was still following her and repeat the whole process. At length her mother would try to calm her by cleaning her ears, but Echo would have no part of it, sure there was something wrong with that light being in the sky. And every time Echo went on a rampage, her sister Vision would jump up and bark a few times before looking at the moon and realizing her sister was a nutbar. But she would do it each time Echo started, afraid she would otherwise miss out on something important.

    And Ammulett and I would just sit and laugh at her silly daughters.

    I love a full moon.

    The moon looks the same no matter where your feet are. I can be on the shore of a lake, or amongst the trees of a great forest, or once again in a yard filled with my dogs just by staring at the night’s light. It was irrelevant that Ammulett had passed and her daughters now belong to someone else and lived many miles from here, the moon makes them feel closer. The magic of the moon knows no boundaries of time or distance, it is as timeless as the energy of Mother Earth. It gives us a brief respite from where we are, to where we might like to be and maybe that is why we stop to admire it.

    …Or  maybe to consider who else stands beneath it on this very night, and wonder with a smile, if she still barks at the moon.

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