Blog: A Wink From Mother Earth

    Spring is on it’s way. Yes, I realize it is the middle of January, however, the promise of what is to come is all around us.

     The days are getting longer, always a welcome sign to help us remember that we are now on the downhill slope of winter. As we enjoy more light our fancy turns to the seed catalogs that find our way to our mailbox, a nice little reprieve to conjure warm winds and the smell of damp earth. The big silver maple in my yard is sporting buds of noticeable size and I heard a Great Horned Owl cooing a mating call to another.

    So you see, we haven’t long to wait. Oh, for sure there will be more winter, more snow, more twenty below but we are closer than we were yesterday and every day will bring us nearer to that magical season called spring.

    Spring never comes at once, it drifts in little by little. Winter, she drops in with a suddenness of cold and snow that leaves you thinking, ‘Yeah, I better go buy that shovel.’ Now, I like winter. I’m in the minority but there are a few others that love to see the seasons change, those that enjoy the clarity of the air only winter can provide, the beauty of clean fresh snow and the way each season marks our limited time on the earth. And when winter is on her way out she invites a season like no other. The season of life and renewal, spring.

    It is the season every one of her children awaits and by leaving us the signs in nature, she has given us a wink. A little promise of fair winds and warm sun.

    Spring is a season that you have to watch for, she is sneaky, light footed and fickle, but she always comes dressed in her best. So, for all my winter-hating friends, keep your eyes on the skies and just get through today because tomorrow you are that much closer to spring.

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