Blog: The Three Minute Drill

    Our time is stretched pretty thin most days. What with work, family, chores and the other usual suspects a person barely has time to relax with that first cup of coffee. Our dogs go out potty, maybe get a treat and then we are off to the races, often times thinking of what must be done as we grab the door handle telling our four legged kids goodbye for the day.

    I teach a class in what is called combined canine massage, ‘combined’ because it not only explores the physical but also the spiritual piece of your companion, and one of the issues we try to solve is time management. How to get that massage, everyday, into our busy schedules.

    The answer is very simple. Build three minutes into your morning by getting up three minutes early, pack your lunch the night before or get gas for the vehicle in the evening rather than on your way to work. The point being, three minutes is fairly easy to find. We can be three minutes late to just about anything but an airplane and still come out alright. That time will not be missed by anyone, except one family member. If you do not know massage, just hold him, kiss her all over, love your dog without distraction.

   There will be a time in everyone’s life when we will want that three minutes. Just three more minutes of holding her, just three more minutes of running your hands through his fur, three more minutes to look into the eyes that are so beautifully filled with love your heart bursts.

    Three minutes of you with your dog, is a life time to her. By saying ‘with’ I mean of course having no other thought in your mind but the love you share in that moment. It is a private moment, an intimate sharing rarely but into words because it just sounds silly when said out loud. It takes almost nothing out of your schedule, sends you on your way with a heart full of love and, best of all, you can consider it your three minutes. No one can see when the day will come, when that hour will arrive.

    Please. Take your three minutes today.

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