Winter's Kit

    I was talking with a friend in northern Minnesota and he was telling me about being stuck in his car for a night while traveling a back road that apparently became less than favorable in a winter storm last year. He had the usual ‘travel box’ most of us in the north know about keeping. A little box you throw in the back of your car with survival items. Blankets, candle, candy bars or protein bars, matches and a lighter, shovel, flares..everyone’s is a bit different. Because his dog was with him on this day, he split his protein bar with Barry and because of that fact, , he added some things to the box so his dog would also have his survival kit. Half of a protein bar isn’t much for a dog to go on. Very commendable on the part of the guardian since he had no way of knowing how long they would be stuck or if they would have to walk out.

    So, here are some items that you may want to add to the box for your buddy.

  • A  bag of freeze-dried meat.

  •  At least two days worth of any medicine your dog cannot be without. (heart meds, thyroid meds, insulin, etc.)

  •  Bottled water and a bowl.

  • Clothes for your dog if they are not double coated, hairy beasts. Or senior. Or compromised physically.

  • A bully stick or other chew toy that is not rawhide.

  • Extra leash and collar

  • Booties

    Some of these items seem obvious, others not so much. Like water. Sure they can eat snow and most of them will, but it is inefficient for hydration and will lower body temps, just like in our bodies. The bowl is just going to be very handy. And food, well, yes they can go several days without eating (so can you) but it is not recommended. And I’m pretty sure most of my readers are going to be splitting that protein bar on the first night if there isn’t any dog food in that box. Extra leash is always a good idea. I have at least two friends who I know travel with leashes just in case they happen onto a stray. But for the rest of us, we sometimes ride around in our cars without the dog on a leash. Booties, in case you have to walk out, which has happened to more than one friend. Yes, I live in the north country and many of my friends have had ‘winter adventures’ they would have preferred not to have.

Harry has a good list going here.  ( I know....Harry and Barry. They are quite inseparable though.)  But if you think of something that should be added, let me know. Just post any additions.

Don’t forget to put a few things in there for you…


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