Blog: Happy New Year!

    I am departing from my usual postings to wish everyone a new year filled with joyful abundance. Leave whatever went awry in 2014 in 2014. No reason to tote that negative stuff into this new beginning of 2015. Think of the end of the year like a computer crash. Everything it contained is now lost in time, gone forever and you get to start with a whole new system. Clean. You can put into it only the things you want. Isn’t that great! Of course every once in awhile there is a year you would like to kick in the butt as it leaves and that’s ok too. Had a few of those myself.

    But let’s make this year different. Let us not remember the tears, but the smiles and laughter. Consider the love that created those tears. Are we not lucky for having been chosen to share such a love? And let us think about the promise of what is to come, for any beautiful thing can happen in this new born year, everything is on the table. No need for resolutions. Life plays it’s own music and we are better off dancing as we hear the notes rather than waiting for ‘our’ song to be sung.

     Make it a year of yeses. Make it a year of forgiveness. Make it a year of laughter. Think of it as your last dance and spend your time accordingly.

    Now open up your arms and dance until you drop from laughter, from silliness, from too much of whatever isn’t good for you, from too much love. If you stumble, just get back up and keep dancing.

    Make it your best year.

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