Blog: What If We Were Dogs

    Many times in my work with animals, I look at a particular situation from their perspective. What if I took it one step further. What if we all started acting like, oh, say a dog. In fact, let’s just all become dogs for  a moment.

    After all, they have many qualities we admire such as forgiveness, unconditional love, honest, the simplicity of finding joy in everyday life and they tend to forget the shortcomings of others. That would be a switch on the six o’clock news. I mean, what would they report? No chaos, no digging in the dirt. Can you imagine a campaign? A republican standing there telling you what a great guy his Democratic opponent is?

    “John Doe is lovely man with a forgiving nature. He works tirelessly for his constituents and does exactly what he says he will do. He’s kind, honest and just a great human being. I think you should vote for him.”

    That would be something, wouldn’t it? No more issues with our in-laws, neighbors, co-workers since we are in that forgiving energy. So very little could anger us. Everybody has value, everyone is loved to some degree simply by being themselves. And our stress would go down immensely. If we are living in the ‘now’ we are not wasting time worry over things that have yet to happen and may never happen. How simple our lives would be. And what a great quality of life we all would share.

And, there are added benefits. Every time you did something right or ‘played well with others’… we would get a cookie!

     “You did a great job today Roxi, have a cookie!” or “So glad you were nice to that lady who accidently broke your foot with the mail cart. Here’s a cookie. Thanks for not biting her.”

     That’s another benefit…biting. Yeah, I can see that. Say the doctor starts poking where you don’t want him poking. Just turn around and bite him. If they knew that was a possibility, they would be a little more careful. We might get a cookie as a bribe. Of course, there is the ‘time out’ room, but I could live with that.

     If we each try once a day, in a stressful situation, to respond as our dogs would, think of the difference it would make not only in ours, but everyone’s life.

     I see one issue though, what with everyone peeing on their cars, desks, homes and computers to claim them as their very own, but poor hygiene is a small price to pay for world peace.

    Oh-oh. I just thought of something that could put this whole world peace thing into the dumper. No Chocolate. If we are all dogs in spirit there would be no chocolate.

    Yeah, I got to re-think this. Ignore this whole posting….

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