Blog: Don't Think Too Hard

    My whole life has been animals. Since my first memory I have looked out the window into the darkness and wondered what the animals were doing in the woods, how do the geese know where to go when they are flying at night and does a fawn, when grown, still recognize her mom?

    Interesting stuff to my way of thinking, much more interesting than, oh, say math or history, which is why my grades were passing but not outstanding. In grade school the teacher would be spouting the benefits of knowing how divide 123 by 4 and I would be looking out the window wondering why that robin is tapping on the window. Did he see his reflection or did he just want to come in?  You can see where it could be a problem. And high school was even more so.

    I tell you these things to demonstrate not that I was a less than perfect student, but that we become good at what we focus on. And because of where my interest lay, I became good at not only reading animals, but feeling and hearing animals. Communicating with animals.

    This is something we can all do, because we are all animals. I know this because when I work with clients and their animal companions, I seldom tell the guardian something they do not already know. On some level they have already received the information and for them it validates I am speaking with their dog, cat, bunny, whoever, because it fits with what they have known about the animal all along. There are two exceptions. One is when I tell a guardian something they do not want to hear, then I am considered wrong. It is understandable. Nobody wants to hear that the one they love is unhappy, afraid or in emotional distress. The other is when we seek peace from our grief, when their friend has passed over. They query the unknown then and look for someone to help them understand that life has no end, that the body is only a vessel and the Spirit they loved inside that body is still very much alive. They may be living on a different plane, but alive and near,  none the less.

    The point is when you speak to your dog, he hears you but you are not practiced at answering all the time. Now, sometimes you do answer, but you don’t realize it. Consider when your dog parks herself in front of you while you are on the phone or watching television. Without too much thought, you get up to let her outside. How did you know that? We could site all sorts of scientific nonsense such as time of day, she hasn’t been out in  awhile and she ‘had that look’…but simply put, she ask to go outside and you heard her. Pretty easy when you are not thinking too hard, like most everything else.

    Thinking is a little over rated in my book. I know. Practically treason, but there it is. I make it a point not to get bogged down in scientific mumbo jumbo, especially if someone is trying to tell me something is not possible. My brother, on the other hand  is a great thinker. 

    “If I throw this apple at such and such a rate, it’s trajectory will be this because of the mass of the apple and the pull of gravity….’  Oh Lord love a duck Mike, just throw the damn apple! All I really need to know is that it’s going to fall to the earth. (My life is simple.)

     We need thinkers of course. (I call on my brother to fix computer issues..) They are the great creators and inventors. But we also need the faithful, the ones who do not question but grab the experience for what it is, embracing knowledge, unconcerned that logic says it cannot be. Some things just are.

    You already talk to your dog or cat, now just practice listening for the answer. Be open to receiving a picture, or sometimes a thought that flashes by and sometimes actual words are heard. Maybe you just feel an emotion. Let the energy pass between you and expand your world! You have the ability, trust yourself!

    For a couple of days, have some faith and experiment, see what information you receive from your beloved. Screw your logical mind!

    You heard me.

    Just believe. She is speaking to you. This I know. Remember not to think of HOW this can be, remind yourself only that it is.

     In my experience, too much thinking is detrimental to the soul.


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