Blog: Zero Hour (5)

    There was plenty of anxious energy in our house the night before the BIG DAY. A friend was coming at nine the next morning to pick up the girls, the first of three legs before they would meet the couple in Pennsylvania, many miles from their home in central Wisconsin. I had packed a familiar bag, asked Vision which toys she wanted to take… she made her choices…and threw them in the bag along with food and snacks. A person can’t really go anywhere without snacks.

    So, I sat on the floor with them for the last time and once again explained the obvious lessons we had been going over, to which they got up and left. Apparently I was being redundant. They knew all that stuff. What they wanted to know was how was it going to be tomorrow? What was going to happen. And so I laid it out for them.

    Matt was going to pick them up and they would get to spend the night with him and meet some new Leonberger friends. Then in the morning Matt would take them on a long drive to another car, where they would ride with a man called Jim. Jim would take them to meet Herb and June, then they would all drive to the home of their new job. I explained that Herb and June were the people they would help.

    That night we all slept in my queen bed but it was a pretty tight fit with three hundred pounds of Leos sucking up the prime pieces of mattress. They slept like babies. Me? I would have liked to get the ole brainpan to shut off…in the wee hours of the night I still thought something should change the events, there were moments when I couldn’t believe it would actually happen. When I realized there was no turning back, I spent a good portion of the night looking up at the ceiling, trying not to throw up. But mostly I was anxious about the unknown. No dogs? How was that ship going to float? Sending my precious babies out the door…what the hell was I thinking? Was I thinking at all?

    Just about the time my head was going to explode, around three thirty in the morning, I surrendered. I needed some kind of a sign that I was doing the right thing for all concerned, I couldn’t second guess myself anymore, I couldn’t think anymore, I was a big blank of nothingness. Toast.   

Suddenly both girls awoke to heap kisses on me, non-stop lovely little kisses that drew the breath right out of me.

    “Okay.” I told them with a laugh, my arms wrapped around each of them. “I get it now. Nothing to worry about, right? A big new adventure for us! It’s all going to be very exciting.”

    Then I could sleep, I had received my sign…or it was the hypoxia from the kisses…but whatever it was, I fell asleep with a smile.

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