Blog: The Seeds of Change (4)

    Sometimes with a new idea, you have to chew on it awhile, say it out loud a few times, try it on and walk around in it. It’s called ‘pre-paving’. To believe a situation will go the way you have envisioned it, in your mind’s eye, to the best possible outcome for all involved and not the way you are AFRAID it will go.

     Yes, well, it looks great on paper, doesn’t it? Practice is another animal all together.

    I knew the girls loved to have jobs, so I tested the waters with a thought. I would occasionally tell them how we needed to spread the huge amount of love they had around a bit. What a wonderful job it would be to make others as happy as they had made me. I knew they would be good at that I told them. This seed was left to percolate for a number of days, at which point I added that maybe there was some people out there that really needed to be loved, maybe Vision and Echo would stay with them, show the people what love is all about.

    This pre-paving was working, not only for them, but for me also. I began to look at the event in a different light. As much as I would miss my little girls, and I had no doubts there would be a river of tears later, I wondered if they had a bigger purpose in life than being my lovely companions. Maybe they were in need somewhere else, to bring joy to other lives as they had done for me.

    That is how my energy moved to a new place. I started thinking about those types of things, rather than how I would feel when they left. There would be plenty of time for grief later. I knew my energy would have to stay in this place of expanding love if my girls were to enjoy their new experience. I had to start thinking of, and work at feeling, how exciting the ‘new’ would be for them, how someone was waiting and longing for them. Not just for a dog, but for them exclusively.

    As I began to embrace this new sensation, so did they. The truth of the heart is the only truth. What I feel, they feel.

I had been viewing love, and them, as a possession and love is not for one alone but a sharing. We spent numerous nights on the floor, me and the girls, discussing how love is a fluid thing. It did not stop at the threshold of my house. Just like when I left for errands or they were at the kennel, my love did not end because I was not with them and this would be no different. We did not have to look into each other’s eyes to feel the love. Love is an eternal gift and, no matter where they were, they would feel my love until the moment I drew my last breath. Then we would meet at the bridge and continue our journey together again with all those precious souls that waited there for us. They loved me, and I them. Nothing would or could change the course of that River.

    But they had a new job to do. Just days away now. Time to explain the travel plans. Time to remind them that I had a new job too, and it required me to stay here. Time to remind them that this was their adventure to do together without me.

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    emily (Thursday, 04 December 2014 15:31)

    oh no, this one made me cry. :(