Blog: The Old Switch-A-Roo (3)

   What do dogs like? You have a good idea what makes your dog’s heart purr. Some like adventure, some like the couch, others enjoy ‘the walk’, the stick, the ball or visitors, or cookies. And you. Above all else, you.

   We, are the center of the universe.

   That is a hard act to follow when considering a re-homing. There was no amount of reasoning that would be acceptable to my girls as far as to why they were going and it had to be the truth. The truth in my heart, not something created. I knew the reasons that led to my decisions, would not change their viewpoint. I understood that when I ‘became a dog’ or looked at things from their perspective. Animals live in the ‘now’. The ‘what ifs’ and ‘could happens’ we consider everyday do not exist for them. It would not be a rationalization of facts that would help them understand, it would have to be desire, a current emotion. What is happening now, what is this moment about.

   I started observing the little moments we spent together. The sweet joy of going on a walk, the contentment of lying on the floor in the evening, the peace of sitting outside with my coffee and them (and their mom when she was here), watching the morning being born. I watched the many moods, tried to connect with what was happening as their glorious little days unfolded, how accomplished Vision felt when she chased a squirrel up a tree, the satisfaction Echo felt after she dug furiously in my flowerbed or when they just came by for a pat on the head.

It all had to do with love. Love was the common denominator. Simple when you think about it. After all, who doesn’t know of the unconditional love of a dog?

   I had to make this re-homing about love and desire.  It was the only way they would happily leave my home and the only way I could allow it.

They needed feel the same satisfaction leaving their home as they felt when they played, when they came for a pat on the head, when they chased a squirrel, the same excitement as when I said ‘walk?’ These were the types of things that thrilled them. These were the things they looked forward to. Now I knew what they needed, but how was I going to accomplish it?

   My work was cut out for me and time was slipping by. The parting day was scheduled.

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