It’s happened-finally- spring has apparently sprung! Everywhere a body turns, people are smiling, birds are singing, snow piles are shrinking. Oh happy days! Yesterday for the first time in a goodly while I walked the girls without having to wear a jacket, though with so much exposed earth we made little progress as they investigated the new smells. Of course, I wasn’t on a timed mission or anything as it was the BIG EVENT of the day for them.


    As lovely as it is to see the snow recede, it does leave unpleasant objects in it’s wake, stock plied throughout the snow season.


    There is the usual assortment of old turds along the boulevard and the girls have to worry over every one...’who was here, how long ago, this ones to old an not worth a sniff.’ It is amazing how many walkers ‘forget’ to pick up their pouches do-do when it is ten below zero and they think the snow will be covering it soon anyway. We’ll table that complaint for another time.


    But it is important in these first few weeks of spring in particular to keep an eye on what has captured your dog’s attention on your walk. There can be small piles of ice-melting products they may want to test. Salt sampling is hard to refuse and though it will not cause issues for most dogs, the pet safe melters can be deadly when ingested. I have taken ribs and chicken carcass from Echo, even a corn cob she found under some leaf litter. (Corn cobs are notorious for causing bowel obstructions as they are not easily digestible.) A couple of years ago Vision found two pieces of sugar- free gum she gobbled up before I could retrieve it. My vet and I assumed it was sugar free because within a couple weeks of weeks Vision showed signs of liver failure. We were lucky though and she came through it fine.


    Now, I’m not suggesting we are walking through a mine field as we enjoy a stroll with our special guy or gal, but just ‘be with’ them as they explore. Every reader knows how I feel about cell phones on dog walks…


    And above all-enjoy the weather! We have certainly waited long enough for it to arrive!


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