Back to Normal Insanity


    It certainly has been a ‘winter of discontent’ here in the Midwest, what with temperatures dropping to -20 and -30 below, wind-chills of ridiculous amounts I’m not even going to discuss and snow stacking up to the windows. Everyone is going crazy…my dogs included.

     Cabin fever has taken hold in my home. Now, I’m a northern girl, I like winter. The snow, the wind, crystal clear nights filled with stars; I even like shoveling, which many of my friends find odd. And I do like to get the kids on their daily walk. After all, it is THE BIG EVENT. They are fairly hardy, with coats built for being among the winter. Yet lately when I ask them, ‘should we go pee-pee?’ they peek out the door, look up at me, then turn around and find a nice comfy spot on the living room rug. Meanwhile, I’ve let $50.00 worth of heat escape.

    It takes a lot of ‘weather’ for me to cancel our walks, but cancel it did and often over the late several weeks and the girls are not happy. Mind you, they don’t want to go outside potty, but think it would be swell to take a thirty minute walk. At any rate, I am being punished with all manner of antics due to, well, boredom. Echo has been ‘tasting’ all the plants she can reach, which is quite a few (no worries, only dog approved, harmless plants reside here). Vision, after several attempts has discovered how to open the garbage can which has, not one, but two child proof safety latches…I have trouble getting the thing open. My refrigerator has a bottom freezer and Echo finds it both fun and rewarding to pry it open with her claws. Luckily, I realized things had been too quiet and I only lost a boneless pork chop before discovering her new talent. Well, almost two chops, but I think I can save the other one...I mean, it would be sterilized by the time it was cooked, right? And, they both think since nothing else is going on, they should be having a meal about every two hours.

    The time had come to bring out my arsenal of indoor entertainment. The bag of Goldfish crackers I hide all over the house so they can spend an hour searching for them while I write. The busy blocks I load up with kibble and they roll around the floor, trying to spill out the contents. Then there is hide and seek, I have a small house and couldn’t possibly get lost but they enjoy finding me. Then we have ‘the present’ game where I put biscuits in three little cardboard boxes of sequential sizes and they have to unwrap them to get the prize.

     But now, I am out of ideas. These were perfect little house ladies before the winter of 2014. I find myself wondering where my normal insane life with my dogs has gone. I long for the days of them simply trying to go through the screen door to get the squirrel, moving the couch to get at a crumb of something and coming up to me to deliver a kiss just after they have cleaned know, the normal insanity we dog people find comforting. I suppose it will return when spring finds us. Until then, I will be punished I expect… and possibly lose a few more pork chops. She should dig around for the chicken; I don’t like chicken as well as pork….


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