‘Tis the Season of Overindulgence

    Christmas is an age old excuse to do, eat and spend in any amount with wild abandon. If there is something we want, either for ourselves or others, we simply put it under the ‘it’s just once a year’ category, then joyfully go about our business until mid-January knocks on the door. And it’s contagious in it’s merriment for the most part. Good will bubbles over in everyday conversation like a pot of unwatched pasta, ‘Merry Christmas!’ echoes through the streets while smiles deck the faces of neighbors as they pass. For an unknown reason, there is an almost magical energy in the air this time of year that creates this ‘oneness’ of humanity, this brotherhood. And while these feelings, unfortunately, do not extend too far into the next year, there are those who have Christmas every time we walk through the door; our animal companions.

    When we have been gone any significant amount of time, (significant to them, which is not very long) dogs parade around house with their toys, making those ‘I’m so happy I’m going to burst!’ noises from deep in their throats and dance under our feet at our return. If that is not the joy of Christmas I don’t know what is. Our cats, feel the same although they are a little more dignified about the whole process, but they feel it none the less. Walk into a barn or stable in the morning and they will let you know you are loved.   

    Once again I have to marvel at the pureness of the spirit that resides in those bodies, those beautiful bodies we adore so much.

    Maybe there is something to learn here, as we watch the ‘dance of the returned’. Next time we walk through the door and are greeted by such uncontrollable joy, let’s remember Christmas. Let’s recall the energy of the season and pass it on. Like our animal companions, we can make the spirit of Christmas a fixture in our lives and not an anomaly.


    From my house to yours, Merry Christmas! May the new year bring Christmas to your home every day. I know we all have someone who will help us remember to overinduge in the things that matter.


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