I Have a Bone To Pick With Some Dogs People


    There is an event out there in the world of dogs that really puts a twist in my knickers, the off leash dog. I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I was too ‘enlightened’, so here goes.

    I’m not talking about the well behaved or the obedient pup, I’m not really talking about the dogs at all…it’s their guardians. And they all happen to be men. (It’s not my fault. It just happens to be the way it is.)

    Now, some of my dearest friends are men. I love men. I am not a man basher. I like to drink beer with them, fish, watch a football game or be out in the woods with them…for all sorts of reasons. BUT, whenever I meet an off leash dog, a dog who comes over to say ‘hi’…or something less friendly….to my dogs, (as I’m trying to rein in the 250 lbs of Leonbergers on the end of my leashes) a man is somewhere in the vicinity apologizing for the this very unforeseen occurrence, often shouting on the way over to collect his dog (his usually SMALL dog by the way), ‘He’s (or she) fine with other dogs!’

    Well, swell. But, depending on where my girls are in their heat cycle, they could happily take an ear off the unsuspecting visitor. Luckily, my kids are very good on leash. ON LEASH. See? They are on leash! It’s not that hard to hold on to a leash! I have spent 40 years walking dogs and, just to prove I know what I’m talking about, and I cannot remember one instance where a woman got herself into that situation. I have seen other women walking their dogs off leash, but the moment they see me with mine, they slip a leash on them. You guys don’t even carry one with you! Is it too heavy? Do you not want to be seen with a ’prop’? Is it considered ‘unmanly’ in your world?

    Okay, I’m sure some men carry leashes. That was a blanket statement and my bad.

    If your dog is so well trained, as I have often been told, and this visitation on my girls was an anomaly, why not just walk him with a leash? I don’t get it, what is wrong with a leash?

    So, to my male friends out there…tell me about the leash stigma...please. Help me understand. I would like to resolve this thing I have about men and their off leash dogs.

    That way I can put it to bed and move on.

    And then we can discuss why you feel the need to spit….


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    Jennifer Klumpyan-Dougherty (Friday, 18 October 2013 06:00)

    It is our responsibility as guardians to keep our four legged family members safe. What those not using leashes don't realize is they are putting their dog in harm's way but not keeping them leashed. They may say that their dog is great with other dogs, but that does not mean the dog they encounter is. As you said about your girls. if they are in a certain point in their breeding cycle they may not be the most friendly. Now add to this problem... if the unleashed dog encounters another dog that may not be in such a friendly mood and nips, bites, or otherwise harms the unleashed dog... that irresponsible non-leash user has put your dog(s) in harms way as well. I am not a current dog owner, but when I was I always leashed my dog and she was safer because of it... Heck, I am a cat owner now and my little guy is leashed in the yard when he out catching some fresh air... I trained all my kitties to be leashed while outside so that I can keep them safe yet allow them time to enjoy the sun, a cool breeze and some cat nip from the garden. You are an amazing mommy to your gorgeous girls...

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    Cindy Kettunen (Friday, 18 October 2013 07:44)

    Oh Roxi this one just had me laughing!! Sorry, but I know EXACTLY what you mean! It's like guys don't realize the situation unfolding until it's to late. I wonder if yelling shows they are in control when we all know they are way to late to the party!!!!

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    Roxi Peltier (Friday, 18 October 2013 11:45)

    Where are the comments from my male friend? Hmmm...