Recently I was privileged to visit with some beautiful
1 day old puppies. They were Leonberger babies, but it would not have mattered the breed or species, babies are always perfect. Our eyes will quickly see flaws, but if our spirit looks at their spirit there is only perfection in the grandest form.

    I love watching newborns. Little bodies with inexperienced brains are trying to figure out what to do and how to get there. Baby knows there should be something hanging down somewhere on mom and they must find it. They search, pushing uncooperative bodies with tiny back feet using all their newborn strength. Once they find it, they slide that little tongue around it and won’t give it up for anyone, not even a sibling. And while baby nurses, mama clean and licks and potties baby. Love in its simplest form. More perfection.

    Sometimes we as observers get all caught up in the logistics. I’ve done it myself. We look at angles of shoulders, amount of bone, color, shapes of heads, hierarchy in the litter, show puppies, teeth and bite, which one will we keep for ourselves, who are we going to pass on...there are even formulas for choosing the ‘correct’ one. I don’t personally believe in them, but they are out there. (I am notorious amongst my friends for NOT believing in facts, figures and pieces of paper. If I believed every piece of paper that came my way I would be prepping for the end of days with the millions of dollars I won from the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes. Clearly, that is not the case.)

    Along the way we can become lost to the beauty of each individual, looking at the whole and comparing each to the other. Silently telling each baby their station in life; this puppy is better than the rest which means the remainder of the litter must be not as good. What an injustice to label such beauty to be not as worthy as another. What could we be thinking?

    I’m sure we are thinking about logistics, facts and figures...pieces of paper. Things we should do, what we must do, what we want to do. We ponder on how we will raise them so as to improve each baby, be it their teeth, mind, feet or spirit. All of that means nothing really; Baby will be who she is meant to be. It all falls into place if we just take a breath and with humble heart, look into the whelping box.

    She was born perfect. And we cannot improve on that.

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