The Power of Words

    “Choose your words carefully.” Most of us have heard that ominous warning at least once in our life. It certainly has merit, but what makes some words more acceptable than others?  

    We understand that all matter has energy and energy has a vibration. If we take it one step further, we can also consider how things less tangible have energy and therefore vibration. The spoken word is a good example. Consider the difference between ‘shut up’ and ‘hush’. If you say them aloud with the same inflection, tone and delivery, you will notice ‘shut up’ is harsh, heavy-a low vibration, yet ‘hush’ is softer, lighter- a high vibration. A higher vibration can release endorphins and a wealth of other beneficial side effects. In short in feels good. The higher the vibration you hum at, the better you feel, and so does everyone around you.

    When we talk to our animal companions, we can deliver a message in two forms. One is a low vibration; the other choice is a message with a higher, happier vibration. One is demanding, the other mutual cooperation.

    This is a fun little exercise to try at home. Spend a little time thinking about the words you use to guide your animal companion through their day. Then, make a list of those words and try to find synonyms with a higher vibration, (a more loving energy). One list can be ‘stay’, ‘quiet’, ‘no’, ‘stop’, whatever terms you use. Then look for the kinder cousin such as ‘wait’, ‘hush’, ‘uh-uh’ and ‘wrong’.

    Put it into practice for a several days and let me know what you discover. Send me an e-mail or drop a note into the ‘comment’ portion of this blog. I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

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