Cat Person or Dog Person?

    While there are many other loving animal companions, dogs and cats are at the top of the list. Whenever they are mentioned together, usually a discussion ensues concerning the merits of each and the demerits of the guardian for their choice.

    A ‘dog’ person will speak of the undying loyalty, the unconditional love, their availability to their person. They love being part of the family and need that closeness. They simply can’t get enough of a soft voice calling their name or the pat on the head. They are so willing to please, they will do things they don’t even like just to be in favor. They are with their person all the time.

    A ‘cat’ person will speak of that noteworthy independence, emotions strong enough to have the freedom to be who they are. They are the thinkers and decision-makers of house companions. They come to their person when they need some stroking and they leave when they have had enough. They sit on the guardian lap and ease the tensions of the day away with their wonderful little motors. They require little in return of that gift. Pleasing their person is on their terms.

    For the animals involved, these differences are a part of life. Dogs act like dogs, cats like cats, fish like fish; there is no chart of what is better or worse. When people enter the scenario they bring with them their ego, which always wants to be better. And to be better, then something or someone else has to be not as good.

    ‘Dog’ people say ‘cat’ people lazy guardians, who don’t want to be burdened with involvement in the lives of their companions and ‘cat’ people call ‘dog’ people needy, who require the constant reassurance of being unconditionally loved.

Instead of rejoicing in the fact that each has found their perfect companion, the Ego arrives with its old friend ‘competition’. Cats are the most wonderful; therefore people with dogs are less. Dogs are most wonderful; therefore people with cats are lacking sense. On and on it goes, an age old conversation pitting one against another as each strives to show the other their superior position in life because of their choice. It is humorous when one considers there cannot be a ‘winner’ since it is a matter of opinion and an opinion has no right or wrong.

    I have seldom had a conversation concerning cats and dogs that didn’t eventually go in this direction. It is almost as if each has to prove to the other their way is best, as if they are searching for an argument.

    Would the conversation not be more pleasant, and surely shorter, to merely agree that animal companions are wonderful additions to our lives and leave it at that?

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