Why Do We Do It?

6 week old Leonberger puppy
6 week old Nordlicht Charming Vision, Leonberger puppy

    We were chatting, my doggy friends and I, on the subject we all hate to discuss, the passing of our companions. Everyone who has loved an animal has had to deal with this inevitable day, the one we push far away into the mist of the future. But every once in a while in turns up in the present for someone we know. And then their heart is broken.

    Yet at some point most of us dive right into another heartache, namely a new puppy, pushing that misty someday right out of our mind. Some individuals need that love- fix right away, others need a bit of time, and still others take a year or more. And then there are the few that simply can’t go through it again. For them it was not worth the pain.

   Which leads to the question, why do we do it to ourselves? At some point after a loss we fall in love again with a new, beautiful face, KNOWING that day will come. It cannot be otherwise. But ahead we forge, fully aware that time will defeat us once more…what could be so powerful, so intoxicating that we forget we are headed for the crushing wall of pain?

   Love. That beautiful flower of an emotion that blooms with the first glance at our new puppy and remains fresh and lovely well beyond our companion’s passing. Energy so powerful, the laughter outweighs the outcome; so intoxicating we are blinded to all but the look in those soft eyes; the expression of love so boldly written there it brings us to tears just to gaze upon it. In that moment, we understand. What we feel is TRUE love, all encompassing and unqualified. It knows no boundaries. It is not delivered in degrees of merit or partial quantities. It is total and eternal. And it is ours to cherish in that four-legged, fur covered bundle.

     It is what everyone desires.   And many of us will pay any price to embrace it, if even for only a little while. True love is a rare gift, not easily found in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, it is not easily discovered even among our own kind. It is a rare flower indeed.

   I believe Love is why we do it, over and over again.

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