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Let me tell you a little story about the wild heart, one you may not have heard.


Maggie was 78 and lived in northern Minnesota in a home she was born in. For all those years, she drew her own water and she and her husband put up wood for winter, filled their larder with hunted and gathered gifts from the earth, and lived in accordance to what Mother Earth dictated. As time moved forward, they saw no need to change their way of life. Even after her husband transitioned, Maggie refused all attempts by her family to move to a place closer to town, a place where life would be a bit easier. She was happy in her small cabin in the wildwood.


But the day came when her wishes were overridden by family because she could no longer safely take care of herself. For a short time, Maggie lived in an assisted living facility but it did not last. She had trouble adjusting and would become confused by her surroundings, couldn’t sleep from the intrusion of noise and light – and the utter boredom drove her to a place where appetite and interaction had no meaning. Soon she went to a full care nursing home.


Maggie was the grandmother of my friend Lisa and the day came when Lisa asked me to attend the memorial for Maggie who had finally made her escape from the world she no longer understood.


Lisa relayed how difficult the weeks previous to the memorial had been. One night, when the spring moon was full, Maggie had slipped out unknown to her caretakers, became confused and walked to the river 2 miles away. According to the search and rescue dogs, her trail ended there and her body was not found, though divers searched the water for many days. There were lawsuits and lawyers and finger pointing. There was guilt and anger and what if’s and should have’s.


But none of that was necessary. Each party that touched Maggie’s life was trying to help her, to comfort her, to keep her safe. It was Maggie who made the decision.


I doubt she was confused. I doubt she had broken with reality. I doubt there was not Divine Intervention to help her open that window she used for her escape, with the moon lighting her way, with the unseen path that led to the river.


Lions and tigers and bears. Whales and wolves and birds of prey. And Maggie.


Some wild things can’t live in cages.


Inuit Elders and NASA


The sun does not come up where it used to rise. Stars and moon are not where they belong. Because of this, arctic days are longer, warmer and the Inuit Elders can no longer predict the weather as they once could. Their understanding is the current weather patterns are not due to global warming but the shift in the earth’s axis. So they decided to warn NASA of their findings.


The fact that Mother Earth has wobbled from her previous position is not in dispute – at least as far as science (and the Elders) are concerned but the reason for the event has many tentacles, from polar ice melts to earthquakes and yes, global warming.


 In the last fifteen years, thousands of tons of polar ice that had formed around the axis of the earth melts yearly, removing weight from the axis at uneven junctures and dispersing that weight throughout the oceans.  One can hypothesize how that would, over time, create an imbalance at the point of the axis, much like a fan with a blade out of balance. Sooner or later, it starts to rotate at an angle different from previous. In the case of the earth, she wobbles a bit to the left, which makes the days warmer near the arctic, which melts the ice, which in turn, over revolution after revolution, causes Mother Earth to wobble a bit further to the left.


There is also evidence of the possibility that the large earthquakes in Japan and Chile have shifted the balance of the earth, causing a wobble at her axis. Most of this is by nature, conjecture, since we do not really know very much about the inner workings of Mother Earth or her rational for doing those unexplainable things.


And while these explanations can seemingly let us ‘off the hook’ for global warming, it really makes us more accountable in the respect of not adding to the climate woes with our greenhouse gases. I’m sure these and other questions will be bantered about for quite some time (my viewpoint is that since we get everything from Mother Earth, we could spend a little time and money on keeping her as healthy as possible.) But I have a different burning question in my head…


With all the technology, research, researchers and funds at their disposable – how come NASA didn’t notice until the Elders told them the earth had shifted?


You really have to wonder what they are doing over there – good thing the Inuit Elders are on top of it.