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No big surprise here, but I LOVE animals. All sizes, all shapes, and all colors. Which is why I have been watching an interesting show on BBC America, titled ‘Dynasties’ and if you haven’t partaken in the festivities I would recommend that you do. Each week the show invites the viewer into the life of one animal that is the cornerstone of their pride, troupe or family unit.


This last week we were following the life of a Bengal Tigress named Raj Bhera who is trying to raise her 4 cubs in a tiger preserve in India.


Of the many memorable scenes and narrations, one made a very deep impression on me and even though I knew this information, it still alarmed me.


Seventy years ago there were over 100,000 wild tigers throughout the world in their various habitats. Today, there are 4000 remaining in the wild- we hope there are 4000 remaining in the wild. I hate this statistic. HATE IT! I am sixty years old so basically in my life time, up to this point, we have successfully extinguished them for all intent and purposes. That is sad beyond what I can write here in this space.




I am mystified as to why our world is not held in more esteem. Why we as a whole consider the wild to be a luxury, the animals to be expendable and Mother Earth’s resources ours for the taking. At some point will we not see that all pieces of our world were designed to work in communion? That each part of the whole, no matter its size, needs to be there in order for all who live upon it to flourish. And while some humans may ponder the need for Polar Bear, Tiger or tiny Shrew – others realize the obvious fact. They were put here, in each of their environs’, because they were needed by the whole. Each is a small but important piece of the puzzle that is life. It may be that we humans do not yet understand why these pieces and Beings must remain where they were put, but ignorance does not lessen their importance.


I am only one of many who believe we have the power to change our current trend of greed, our disrespectful stewardship of those around us, but we have not the will I’m afraid. Not yet.  I wonder what Mother Earth will become in the future. Will she be green and bright and whole – or will there be only Human Beings in a grey unbalanced world? I have not the answer, but I do know one thing.


If we are the only ones left, what is the point?


Medicinal Animals


I’m having a day. One of those unfocused days. Not a ‘bad’ day by any means (I don’t believe in such things), but one of those days when I just cannot latch onto a thought for more than a few moments before I’m spinning off on to something else. I had a number of chores on my list right from the get-go this morning so no coffee in the morning yard, no stretch on the floor, just a list of must do’s in my head, which means regrettably, I did not take a few minutes to meditate and this was the result…spindrift…a familiar condition of mine to which many will attest.


Back in the day when my girls were home (my Leonberger Dogs) I would remedy the situation by hanging out with them, not necessarily playing with them, but just being with them as they did their fascinating doggy things. Since my girls are no longer home I watch squirrels, bunnies or whoever is gracing my yard.


 This ‘taking a break’ does not and never did not solve my issue – nor does it jump start my brain into being productive – but the comfort of animals doing their thing sure made me care about little else except watching them. Animals are a salve for the Human woes we perpetrate upon ourselves. They bring us peace just by being. A friend comes to mind. A woman, who after a brutal day (her words), goes and sits quietly in the barn and listens to her horses munch hay. She doesn’t interact with them. She finds just being in their presence calms her mind. She gains a new perspective out there in the warmth of the stable. Jamie loves nothing more than to curl with her cat, letting that purring engine wash away her troubles. I know a cockatoo that can make his guardian laugh out loud without even trying, no matter what the emotional state of the guardian.


They are miracle medicine draped in fur or feather. What magic our animal companions are blessed with, to change our world and our lives by merely being present.


So when the day seems overwhelming, when you have created your own spindrift, remember the animals are there to minister to you. We just have to decide to receive their Sacred Medicine.


Then reboot.